This is me:

  • Australian, currently living in Canberra, Australia
  • Married to an American, he is lovely. I’ll try to provide aussie-US translations where i can.
  • I have a PhD in molecular biology/biochemistry
  • I am unemployed (there just aren’t enough science jobs, and not in our home city/country), so i support my husband by running a nice household, cooking good food and generally being pleasant while he brings home the bacon
  • I have been accused of ‘being a bit of a hippy’, in that i believe modern life is wasteful and damaging to the Earth
  • I’m also a pretty normal, middle class, privileged, ‘Western’ person who enjoys the comforts of modern life
  • I try to reconcile my aim to be more sustainable while maintaining a comfortable life by taking small actions where i can
  • Seeing as i’m not a wage-slave, it would be a good time to reproduce, alas my ovaries are not co-operating
  • I tried spending my spare time lying around in the sun, cat-like, and reading good books. This felt a little too indulgent, so i have taken up blogging also (not instead of).
  • I also volunteer, in a science lab, using a microscope. Life is pretty good 🙂

age = 36

bmi = about 20

This blog will serve as an outlet for me to ponder many things, sometimes science. I’ll try my best to explain things without jargon or assumed knowledge. I’ll also aim to provide references where they seem necessary. If you don’t like reading research articles then feel free to ignore the links. If you would like some assistance in reading research articles i’d be happy to help!



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