Still awesome, and not bored

sentinel currawongs

Ok, maybe just a teeny bit bored.

Right now, I’m on a work trip that is proving to be fairly dull. This has resulted in me not knowing what to do with myself for a short period of time and that prompted me to update this blog. For this I consider myself quite fortunate. That is, the fact that my life is so full that i haven’t really been bored in the past nine months.

So this is a message to any other women out there with broken ovaries, don’t dwell on your misfortune but do fill your life with anything that excites you and makes you feel alive. That might be something as simple as taking your camera on a local walk and capturing some local beauty (in my case a couple of currawongs on an old dead tree). Or it might be elaborate cake decoration, or hunting down the best bakery to eat the most elaborate cakes, or extracting beetroot juice to make hipster yet lurid frosting, etc etc. Mmm cake.

Of course this is good advice for anyone. Whenever you can, remember to fit enjoyable stuff into life. Isn’t it odd how we sometimes need to be reminded of that? Of course people raising small children (or equally, looking after quite old people) have other responsibilities and can’t always focus on their own joy. And it’s trite to say to a woman with ovarian insufficiency “don’t dwell too much on what is missing from your life, but focus on your freedom” because i know it is not that simple. What i can tell you is that this perspective IS achievable after a more or less arduous journey of self exploration. So my boredom today arises from being stuck in a hotel room with torrential rain outside with most of my pet projects back at home waiting for me. I might be bored right now but not for long because the interesting life i am forging is waiting for me and I’m itching to get back to it 🙂


P.s. in terms of any ovarian activity I’ll note that my body must have a sense of humour as the only menstruation events i have had this year seem to have coincided with camping and less than fully available toilet facilities. Haha. Not to worry, my little silicon cup still does a stellar job.


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