Baby pavement lettuces

I’m going back to working full-time hours. Hurrah! Money! More importantly, it’s work that really interests me (science!) and enables me to develop some really handy skills. But I will admit that I’m a bit worried that I will slip into old bad habits. That I’ll fall back onto the old conveniences, rather than the sustainable habits that I’ve had the luxury of extra time to experiment with and instil into daily life. On the other hand, a lot of the new habits have been much easier than I anticipated, some of them downright lazy. This includes leaving the lettuces in my garden go to seed, and I just found out that this lazy step is paying off! There is a whole new crop of baby lettuces peeping out from in-between our recycled brick pavers in the back yard. I counted 9 🙂

I’m sure that with no effort at all on my part these will soon be large enough to supplement a bean burrito or tasty salad. And without driving anywhere or using any packaging at all. In fact, seeing as they are growing in-between the pavers (rather than in dirt) they probably won’t even require washing. Easy sustainability win!


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