Garden gains and losses

Strangely perhaps, my efforts to grow some of our own produce were more successful when we lived in an apartment. Partly due to making really excellent soil by fermenting vegetable waste in a bokashi bin and then burying that nutrient source into wooden planter boxes. With full sun on a North facing balcony, those boxes were really high yielding.munched spinach

I thought it would be just as easy to grow food in our backyard, which came replete with raised veggie beds but they haven’t so far been as bountiful as the balcony planters. The soil in the raised beds is quite depleted, so I’m working to enrich it with as much home-made compost as I can. And then there are the pests. Up on the first floor balcony I didn’t have to worry about them much, but this weekend I found out that the local possums had struck again!

The spinach had been growing really nicely and I was starting to ponder what recipe to use the next harvest in but I was too slow. At least the possums don’t actually eat the whole plant and it should bounce back.


broadbeansproutWhen I went over to inspect the sad spinach I cheered up considerably when I noticed that my broad beans were sprouting. The possums seemed to leave these alone last winter, so perhaps the beans I planted around the spinach will protect it.

The strong winds we’ve been having have  been blowing my tomatillos off the plant before they are quite ripe. Or perhaps that means they are ripe enough?

And I dug out the chilli plant and potted it up to see if it will survive the winter indoors (we will get our first frost this week). I tried that with an eggplant last winter but it didn’t make it, so fingers crossed.

We’re certainly not feeding ourselves purely with home grown produce, but it’s still fun, even when you inadvertently end up feeding the local critters instead.


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