Small, fuel-efficient cars are more handy than you realise

Sometimes hubby and I dream of having a larger car, even though we don’t use our current vehicle all that much. We use it for the occasional long highway drive but don’t use it for commuting and keep most errands local. It’s not that we want room to stretch out, or to sit above other traffic, but a larger car (or van, or truck, or a good ol’ ute!) would just be that much more useful. Especially since becoming homeowners, it would be handy for moving large tools/machinery, loads of mulch or new rocks for the rockery, lumber etc. It would also be great for camping holidays.

Besides the fact that we can’t afford one (especially after Christmas!),  we don’t actually need one (like most of the things we lust after). Even better, it turns out that with a little ingenuity, our small hatchback is capable of more jobs than we realised. It’s a Peugeot 207 (the last 207 they made, even Peugeot has upgraded to a slightly bigger model these days) and the handiest thing is that the back seats are easily removed and laid flat to instantly more than double the boot/trunk size.

Last autumn we cut back just about all of the bushes in the garden and therefore had a mountain of ‘green waste’ prunings. For months I kept thinking we had to hire a trailer or truck to shift it all (our local council does not pick this stuff up for free) but it turned out that we could use our little car all along. We found a cheap ‘tarpaulin bag’ that fit snugly in the back and we could fill this to the brim with branches. There’s a great local place that accepts your green waste, composts it for about a year and then sells it back to you as mulch. My lovely husband has now done a few trips, to drop off the waste and shovel nice rich mulch straight back into our little city car. Last time he even fit in a bunch of recycled lumber, picked up from the local tip shop (the recycling store at the dump).

I love this kind of thing, getting maximum utility out of stuff you own. So much nicer than clearing out cupboards and wondering why you’ve kept a bunch of odd things that no longer bring you any pleasure.

I should have taken a before photo of the car full of sticks and branches! Or even the time we (just) fit in the 7ft ladder!

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