Messy lettuce

It’s summer in Australia, the predicted weather for today is 37 degrees C (98 degrees F). Also, we are not getting much rain. We did get a little the other night, for the first time in a month, but the water tanks are still practically empty. So it’s not surprising that my lettuces have bolted.

The red lettuce in the back still has some tasty leaves, even though these have bolted too. The green ones are too bitter at this stage.


I guess this looks a little messy, a little weedy, but i’m happy to let these go to flower. Up close, the flowers are very nice actually:

perfect little yellow circles form, even though the petals are square-edged

And after all, none of these lettuce plants were actually planted by me, they all came from seed after the last ones put out flowers. That’s how a couple of them even managed to escape the wine-barrel bed and grow between the pavers.

back when it was just baby lettuce… and tasty đŸ™‚

Hooray for self-sowing edibles!


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