Time to make some more broad bean burgers!

Today’s harvest:


Not bad!

The little raised veggie garden at the back of our small yard is performing well. Which just goes to show that you don’t need much room to grow some of your own food. After today I think there will be one more harvest (quite a few small beans still there). Once those are harvested i’ll start the next round of crop rotation and put in chillies and tomatillos. Like the broad beans, tomatillos are something that’s hard to find fresh in the shops (tomatillos are relatively unknown in Australia). I’ll be looking forward to using the tomatillos in salsa verde during summer! And the beans should have enriched the soil in this little bed with nitrogen to help the chillies and tomatillos grow and fruit well.


To make the broad bean burgers, i’ll use a recipe from this wonderful cookbook by Yottam Ottolenghi: ‘Plenty’. It’s a vegetarian cookbook written by a non-vegetarian and the recipes are excellent. Who knew cucumber salad could be a treat??

Apologies to Northern Hemisphere readers, who are facing their next winter while i’m enjoying mid-spring here ‘down under’. Oh well, enjoy a hot apple cider/hot chocolate for me 🙂


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