Back and blogging, after a break and with a sense of renewal (in the garden, the mind and even the womb)

Hello 🙂

I’m not sure if anyone besides a few friends and family members are following this blog but i’ll explain my absence just in case. I’ve just returned from a trip to the USA where we had a lovely time spending the last days of summer with my husband’s family. I guess i could have written a blog post or two while i was away, but i wasn’t really thinking about infertility, or science or sustainability so there wasn’t much to update.

I felt a bit odd ‘taking a break’ seeing as i don’t have paid employment at the moment. It also wasn’t really a holiday/vacation for hubby as he had some work to do in terms of sorting through childhood collections stored in his parents basement. Nevertheless, the cliche is true and a change really is as good as a holiday and we’ve both returned with renewed vigour. It helps that it’s coming into Spring here! Yup, the seasons are completely opposite.

Plenty of things have sprung back to life in the few short weeks that we have been away, including the plum tree at the back that looked dead after our hack pruning job:


Most welcoming of all was the magnolia. The furry buds that withstood the winter were all closed tight when we left but are now in full bloom.


There’s even a bunch of new little lettuces growing in the veggie beds after i let the last batch go to seed. And quite a few other plants that looked like they were almost killed off by winter frosts but have managed to spring back (vietnamese basil, mint and parsley, rhubarb).

Coincidentally, my lady bits (aka reproductive organs) got a bit of renewal after our trip also. I noticed while we were away that i had beaten my record for longest gap between menstruating, this time was just over 16 weeks (old record was 15 weeks). But 16 weeks is still less than 12 months so i am still officially pre-menopausal, hooray! However, I’m glad my period didn’t arrive while i was on the plane! Instead it was very convenient and occurred one day after we got back so i could curl up for a little bit and wait out period cramps and jetlag at the same time. I can’t help but feel that getting a period is a good sign in that maybe my ovaries and uterus are cooperating. Maybe not enough to make a baby, but at least enough to prove that there is plenty of life left in me.

I also can’t help wondering why i get a period after such a long gap. I ate a little more meat and seafood while we were away, and my neurotransmitters/emotional state are always in a good place when i travel, see fun new things and spend time with loved ones. Perhaps this all made a difference and if that’s the case i’m happy to keep it up. Strangely we’ve now spent more time with hubby’s family this year than with mine. In about a week we’ll balance that out somewhat with a weekend in Melbourne (just a 7 hour drive, rather than 20+ hours in a plane).

I’m sure the garden is going to keep on ‘renewing’, with every little plant and critter taking advantage of whatever nutrients and gaps of sunshine that they can. I’ll (figuratively) do the same. Oh that reminds me! We also came back to a brand new Prime Minister (like a President, only different), and this one likes science and technology. Fingers crossed he can convince some of the other politicians that innovation is worthwhile, then who knows? perhaps there will be a job somewhere in the future for this unemployed scientist? In the meantime i’ll keep my science mind engaged by writing on here.

fresh spring leaves for the apple trees
fresh spring leaves for the apple trees

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