Grow your own – backyard food

Spring is coming! (to the southern hemisphere) so i’m excited to think about growing edibles in the garden once more. I’d really like to be successful at growing lettuce (and other leafy greens). It’s essential for making the healthiest salads and i’d like to stop buying the plastic bags of salad mix we currently rely on (whole heads of lettuce seem to be too much for our needs, and not as tasty as the mixes anyway). My previous half-hearted attempts have not been all that successful, unlike the extremely easy to grow tomatoes and herbs. One impressive hardy lettuce survived the winter frosts (we’ve had nights down to about minus 8 degrees Celsius).

what a beauty!
what a beauty!

Of course it was the red lettuce, which is a little bitter to eat on it’s own. Perhaps the perfect dressing would solve that? While i was pondering this someone else liked the flavour so much they ate the whole lot:

someone = a possum (not an American one, the large yet cute brushtail possum)
someone = a possum (not an American one, the large yet cute brushtail possum)

Luckily, it seems to be recovering already with new leaves appearing on those stripped stems.
Also, the broad beans are now flowering! Fresh broad beans are the best, I might have to install some sort of anti-possum security in case they try and get their hands on these too.


Oh, and i should mention that the broad beans were planted not just for their lovely beans. When we moved here last year we were really pleased that there were already multiple little vegie garden beds set up. The soil in these beds clearly hadn’t been tended though, it was compacted and nutrient poor. I’m digging in compost whenever i can, but the broad beans will also add an injection of nitrogen. This should help for an even more productive tomato crop over summer. Perhaps this year i’ll make my own passata??


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